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Become a Datico Partner

There are several ways to partner with Datico. You can become a system partner, build your own business platform with us or accompany customers and partners on their way into the future as a Datico Ambassador.


As a start-up, hardware or software manufacturer, it is first important to connect your systems technically to Datico. On the one hand, this is possible via common standard interfaces such as GDT, HL7, Bluetooth, FHIR, DICOM, ANT+. By meeting appropriate standards, become compatible to Datico and can be added to the list of compatible manufacturers & systems.

Another option is the Datico system partnership:
You connect your systems and solutions via the Datico API. This makes all of Datico’s capabilities available directly in your application. Of course, this opens up much more versatile and better solutions for you and for us technically.

We combine your specific knowledge and know-how with the possibilities of a ki-enabled, scalable and cloud-enabled platform solution. This very good integration results in customer solutions that can only be created through partnership. As a Datico system partner, we also list you on our website, thereby drawing our customers’ attention to these opportunities.


As a system partner, all Datico functionalities are already available to you via the Datico API. This allows us to integrate your systems with all the detailed functions in Datico and create solutions that amaze and truly delight our customers.

Exactly this possibility you can also use for yourself as a manufacturer. Datico provides you with a ready-made, ki-enabled cloud platform with numerous specific functions:

  • Reporting optimized for your use cases
  • an integrated device management with various update and service functions
  • an integrated document management
  • a modular role and rights system that can be adapted to your requirements down to the last detail
  • a scalable and cost-effective hosting solution (with the provider of your choice)
  • browser-based apps and native app solutions for your systems and use cases
  • future-proof AI solutions for your systems

You are a specialist in your field. You have developed unique systems and solutions in your field. But developing a ki-enabled, scalable cloud solution with native apps is not your core focus.

Such a development ties up a lot of time and resources for you – very valuable resources? You know that the market is increasingly demanding a corresponding solution? Are you looking for new and sustainable business models that require a cloud platform?

Together, we can take your offering to another level: cloud-based, scalable, ki-enabled, app-supported. This gives you completely new technical possibilities: New customer solutions, new service solutions, and business models that are competitive in the future and long term.


Then make a personal appointment with us.


Are you an expert in competitive sports, sports medicine, sports science, health management, rehabilitation or for conducting scientific studies? Would you like to accompany your customers and partners on their way into the future? Accompany you in networking, digitization and building new solutions? Datico could be a valuable part of this journey for your partners and customers? Then become Datico AMBASSADOR.

During this program we will give you an intensive insight into Datico and the different possibilities. We give you the knowledge you need to help your customers and partners. Of course, at any time and gladly together with us. As an AMBASSADOR, you have a direct line to the various Datico experts.


Then we look forward to a personal conversation with you.