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The technology of Datico

When implementing centralized data management, data volumes are often still manageable. As your understanding of the benefits and advantages of central data management grows, so do your data volumes and requirements. Datico grows with your requirements. Thanks to the structured data model, the generic structure in many places and the Cephoria platform as a development basis, you will also be able to meet future requirements. And your cloud-based solution simply adapts to your requirements.


Your Datico user interface is a browser-based, responsive, state-of-the-art Single Page Application (SPA), meaning it uses the latest HTML5, React and Progressive Web Applications (PWA) technologies. The main user interface is complemented by offline-enabled native mobile apps for mobile use during training, competition or in the field.


User-friendliness is a decisive criterion for the acceptance of a software by customers and employees and its efficient use in daily work. That's why we continuously work with our customers and our UI / UX experts to improve and optimize our user experience.


All the features you find within Datico can also be accessed through the Datico API. As a result, the entire Datico system always comes with native RESTful APIs. Even our own user interfaces - which are implemented in the form of a Single Page Application (SPA) - exclusively use the Datico APIs. This allows you, on the one hand, to import data from any system or application into your central database and, on the other hand, to use your Datico database from other applications (e.g. for special evaluations, reports or transfer to higher-level management systems). This way, you can easily integrate Datico into your existing infrastructure.


You have the choice of purchasing Datico as an all-inclusive SaaS service or having the applications hosted in the cloud or in your own data center via a partner of your choice. The architecture and technology of our applications allow for tremendous scalability and the use of any cloud services. Switching from a local installation to the cloud and back from the cloud is possible at any time.


We live in a time with many changes and innovations. This is especially true for the development in the digital area. New technologies, intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence will reshape our work and our lives in many places in the future. At Datico, we are already looking at these technologies and the opportunities they offer. And together with the development team of the Cephoria platform, we are continuously working on numerous new solutions. So with Datico today, you work on a solution that is state of the art - and is already being developed for the requirements of the future.