Datico: Data in Connection

Your central data platform

With numerous interfaces to your diagnostic systems and monitoring solutions, the possibility to import your existing data as well as a wide range of forms and questionnaires, you have all data at a central location and at any time under control.


Datico Import API

Using the Datico Import API, you can import data already captured (e.g. in Excel) into your Unified Performance Workplace. A variety of tools are available to load your existing data (e.g. athlete lists or measured values) quickly, easily and without errors into your database.


Interfaces to your systems

One of the great strengths of the Datico platform is the direct connection to your existing diagnostic and monitoring systems. Due to the large number of system partnerships with various manufacturers and the optimal integration for the respective system, data once measured is automatically transferred and is available to you in your Unified Performance Workplace at any time.


Forms & Questionnaires

Datico offers a wide range of anamnesis forms, questionnaires and forms for various purposes, which you can fill out yourself or make available to your athletes and test persons, depending on your needs and application.


Task Manager for forms

You want your athletes to answer a few questions before training? You would like your test persons to fill out a question or anamnesis sheet before visiting your institute? With the Task Manager for forms you can set who should fill in which questionnaire at what time.


Event Recording

The event recording function allows you to enter any training, therapy or diagnostic data – even for a large number of athletes and test persons – very quickly and easily.  Create the list of athletes and parameters you need in no time at all – and start entering your data directly – whether on your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Media Center

Datico also makes managing your videos and files fast, easy and very flexible. You can load any files into your Unified Performance Workplace and not only assign them to individual athletes, events, persons, events or confidentiality levels, but also use the corresponding attributes to record very individual criteria. On the one hand, this gives you all the options for administration and access control, as well as completely new options for organizing, sorting and analyzing your files.



Do you look after several associations or organisations? You still want to access the data and results of the different partners and customers quickly and easily? With the Pro-Account you have the possibility to manage the data of several organisations and to switch between them quickly and easily.