Datico: Data in Consistency

Optimal security for your data

Individual database

Your organization’s data is stored in its own database, physically separated from data of other customers.


Secure data transmission

With your Datico UPW, you can force secure end-to-end connections to your database using HTTPS. As a result, all connections to your database are encrypted and cannot be read.


Encrypted data storage

In addition to secure transmission, the entire database of your organization is optionally stored in encrypted form. This makes the data unreadable in case of unauthorised access – and you meet one of the essential requirements of the DSGVO. Your data is encrypted across the entire application stack.


Field Level Encryption

The optionally available encryption at field level (“Field Level Encryption”) allows you to additionally encrypt individual fields within the database. This means that only applications that need the data – and have the credentials to decrypt it – can work with it.


Two-factor authentication

The optionally available two-factor authentication additionally increases the security when users, athletes and test persons log in.


Roles & Rights

Datico’s security concept offers you all possibilities: You can set the access of each user individually according to your requirements. For this purpose, 2 core functions are available to you:


  • Functional access control
    Here you can set individually which functions someone may use (e.g. delete athletes, export data, enter data, upload files, etc.). Without exception, Datico allows you to activate or deactivate each function through the access control.
  • Attribute-based access control
    Using the attribute-based access control, you can optimally adjust access rights to your needs down to the last detail. This allows you to decide for yourself which security levels should exist in your organization and to which data (e.g. athletes, files, forms, evaluations, reports, etc.) you want to restrict access.

Best of all, even if you use external tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, SPSS or any other interface-connected application, each user can only see and use the functions and data that are released for him or her.

Backup-Management & Desaster Recovery

Datico offers a fully centralized backup service with centrally configured backup policies.