Datico: Data in Context

Data management and analysis for optimal results

Analyze and evaluate your data and make the best decisions for you.

Datico offers you a wide range of analysis tools. The automated evaluation of your performance tests, the analysis of your training data as well as effective load management can be implemented quickly and easily by comparing your data with specific reference values.

Analysis Dashboard

In your Unified Performance Workplace, a whole range of integrated and automatic evaluations are available to you.

No matter whether it is about the optimization of your stress management, performance diagnostics, strength and weakness analysis, the optimized composition of your team, your rehabilitation processes or your very own individual evaluations.


With the integrated attribute management you have the possibility to adapt your Unified Performance Workplace to your individual needs. Add your very own and individual features to your athletes, clients, videos & files, your tests, training units, all team members and every measured parameter.

Thereby all possibilities are open to you to implement your requirements quickly and easily throughout your entire UPW.


You are responsible for a team? Or even for several teams? In your Unified Performance Workplace you will find numerous functions that help you to organize your training sessions, games and competitions. In addition, the integrated analyses, dashboards and comparisons help you select the best team for your goals.


Key Performance Indicators & Index Calculator

In order to make your data and results understandable and realizable for all athletes, coaches and team members, Datico provides you with various tools.

You can select the values that are crucial for your processes and applications and define them as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to present them automatically and meaningfully in analyses, dashboards and reports.

In addition, the Index Calculator is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily calculate various indices (e.g. sport-specific Performance Index, Readiness Index, Injury Risk Index, etc.).

Reference & comparison values

To evaluate your results quickly and easily, you can define so-called Parameter Reference Sets. These allow you to define general, but also target group-specific evaluation criteria and comparison values for each parameter. For example, you can define different evaluation criteria for your top athletes as well as for your office staff – and thus generate individually tailored evaluations.


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Datico provides you with numerous tools for the easy implementation of structured, quality-supported rehabilitation processes. For example, you can determine which tests and criteria are to be used to assess the progress of therapy and what is required to enter the next phase of therapy.
In addition, this structured procedure provides you with continuous documentation of your progress and results. This allows you to continuously optimize your own results, make your own development transparent to your customers and document the results of your work in a concrete way at any time.