Datico Unified Performance Workplace

Military & Emergency Forces

The tasks and requirements of military, police and fire department personnel are particularly demanding, both physically and mentally. In order to achieve the desired operational goals, employees and operational teams must be able to cope with the demands. To ensure this, regular tests and examinations are carried out. This verifies basic suitability. At the same time, practical tests also help to highlight strengths, weaknesses, potential and development trends.   


Collect the data and measurement results of your task forces where they are generated: in the lab, in the field or in the hall. Collect digitally available data through automated interfaces to your diagnostic & monitoring systems in your central database. Optimize your manual data collection with forms and questionnaires optimally tailored to your purposes. And integrate your existing data and databases through Datico import tools and open API connectivity. 


Prepare your data in such a way that everyone in the team understands it - and can turn it into appropriate developments. Integrate your own idols and evaluation criteria for fast and automated analysis. Show strengths, potentials, trends & developments quickly, easily and comprehensibly. Create automated individual and meaningful reports that your task forces, team leaders as well as supervisors immediately understand and implement.


Discover the possibilities Datico offers you for the optimized care of your task forces and the collaboration of your team - from the collection to the evaluation to the archiving of your data.

Automated interfaces („Order – Entry“)

Due to the already existing interfaces to numerous diagnostic & monitoring systems, you can automatically transfer data directly from your measuring system to your central database. The structured and well-documented API also offers the possibility to build and customize your own system interfaces at any time. And with Datico's "order entry" function and event monitor, you can even manage complex checkups with numerous tests and high numbers of employees well and efficiently.


Customized forms & questionnaires

Do you have your own anamnesis forms or individual questionnaires for your emergency forces? Datico offers you the possibility of recording your own forms and questionnaires - as well as the associated measurement parameters - quickly and easily. And in such a way that you can also evaluate them afterwards without any problems.   


Fast Event Capture

Do you also want to record your measurement data spontaneously and save it in your database? There may be many parameters and large numbers of subjects? With Datico's event recording, you can create an input mask tailored to your current needs in just a few minutes. Manual data entry cannot be faster and more effective.


Secure Database

Of course, you must comply with the specifications and transfer and store the data of your task forces and supervisors securely, in compliance with the law and the standards. That's why you have your own database. And your data is transferred exclusively with secure protocols.


Sicherer Zugriff durch X-Faktor Autorisierung

Durch die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten und Level der Autorisierung – bis hin zu biometrischen Verfahren wie der Handvenen-Erkennung – können Sie den Zugriff auf Ihre Datico-Datenbank so sicher gestalten, wie es Ihre Anforderungen fordern.   


Secure access through X-factor authorization

Each member of your task force, supervisor or manager should only see the data for which he or she is authorized. That's why you need a customizable roles & rights system to successfully implement your workforce management. Datico offers you a functional role and rights system. This allows you to enable or disable every function in Datico individually for each role, without exception. Since there are always cases in the recording and analysis of your task forces where a functional restriction is not sufficient, your Unified Performance Workplace also offers you the option of assigning attribute-based rights. Here you can assign a specific attribute (e.g. public / confidential / strictly confidential) to each object / data record and then use this when assigning your authorizations. In this way, no wish remains unanswered with regard to the assignment of rights.


Secure access to your database - also from MATLAB, SPSS, R and Excel

The sophisticated roles & permissions system, customized to your needs, does not only apply within Datico. Through Datico's sophisticated API, you can also easily access your database from other applications. But even then, as a logged-in user, you only get the data you are allowed to see. This way you can combine the advantages of two worlds: The diverse and sophisticated features of scientific solutions like MATLAB, SPSS, R or even Excel with Datico's secure and encrypted database and role & rights system tailored to your study.


And of course you can also use the API to connect to higher-level systems such as a physician or hospital information system or your central management system such as SAP.

Optimal exchange through comprehensible results

In order to make your data and results comprehensible and actionable for all task forces, supervisors and team members, Datico provides you with various tools.

For example, you have the option of selecting the values that are crucial for your processes and applications and defining them as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to display them automatically and meaningfully in evaluations, dashboards and reports.

In addition, the Datico Index Calculator is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily calculate a wide range of indices (e.g. requirement-specific performance index, readiness index, injury risk index, etc.).

Reference & Comparison Values

To evaluate your results quickly and easily, you can define so-called Parameter Reference Sets. These allow you to define general, but also target group-specific evaluation criteria and comparison values for each parameter. For example, you can also define different evaluation criteria for different types of use - and thus generate individually tailored evaluations.


Fast evaluation & simple reporting

Especially in performance diagnostics as well as in the analysis of training sessions and operations, it is crucial to have the results available quickly and clearly. In doing so, you should always keep strengths, potentials and development progressions in focus. This is the only way you can give your staff and support team quick feedback and the necessary input for optimized action.


Your Unified Performance Workplace offers you a whole range of evaluation tools for this purpose: From the course of the development of various parameters, to the comparison of several task forces, to the quick analysis and evaluation by comparison with various standards ("idols") or simple evaluation tables. All evaluation tools are linked to a customizable reporting. This allows you to provide your employees and your team with easy-to-understand result reports directly on site.