Datico Unified Performance Workplace

System Manufacturer

We have been experiencing rapid changes for several years, especially in the digital domain. These present manufacturers of diagnostics and monitoring systems with new tasks and challenges: From connecting their own systems to future-proof cloud applications, to their own central asset & device management, to new strategies, billing and business models.


It is often not easy to integrate the required new technologies, platforms and development environments into the existing and long-established structures. The rethinking required in some places takes time, especially for larger and experienced teams. And in this area in particular, it is anything but easy to bring the necessary specialists into the team from outside.


That's why Datico offers you a platform to optimize your digital strategy. Connect your own systems to Datico and become part of a network that offers your customers optimal total solutions. Integrate a central device & asset management for your systems to continuously get information about the usage of your systems, to detect errors earlier and better, to optimize the permanent and context-related exchange with your customers - or even implement completely new billing and business models. Offer your customers new and attractive solutions for their customer care - in addition to your existing Windows / desktop solutions.


Discover the possibilities Datico offers you for the future-proof implementation of your digital strategy - from cloud connectivity to central asset management to the implementation of new business models.

The Datico API: Become part of the network

The first step towards future-proof collaboration is to connect your systems to Datico. This is done via the Datico API, which enables you to exchange data between your systems and Datico quickly and easily. This immediately provides your customers with new and attractive solutions, making your overall offering more attractive and future-proof.


Central Asset- & Device Management

Until a few years ago, centralized and digital asset & device management was the preserve of manufacturers of large systems and machines. But the world has changed. Today, thanks to the IoT movement, even light bulbs and sensors can be addressed and controlled via the Internet for just a few euros. And because of the many advantages that such a central connection brings, more and more customers today are demanding central and permanently available device management.


Central device management can optimize numerous processes: From faster and individual control of update processes and digital error analysis to individual customer support and the introduction of new billing models and service concepts. All these possibilities are available to you through the connection to Datico.

Secure Database

Of course, as you move toward cloud-based, centralized applications, you need to comply with all regulations and transfer and store your customers' data in a secure, compliant, and standards-compliant manner. That's why you have your own database for your asset management. And your customers maintain the data for your customer support in their own database. All data is transferred exclusively using secure protocols.


Secure access through your individual roles & rights system

Each customer, supervisor and employee should only see the data for which he or she is authorized. Therefore, for the successful implementation of your customer management, you need an individually adaptable roles & rights system. Datico offers you a functional role and rights system. This allows you to enable or disable every function in Datico individually for each role, without exception. Since there are always cases in the area of asset & service management where a functional restriction is not sufficient, your Unified Performance Workplace also offers you the option of assigning attribute-based rights. Here you can assign a specific attribute (e.g. public / confidential / strictly confidential) to each object / data record and then use this when assigning your permissions. Thus, no wish remains unanswered with regard to the assignment of rights.



We live in a world with many changes, especially due to the rapid and exciting developments in the digital field. Thus, in the future, we will encounter many changes and new processes and tools for the optimized care of our customers. Intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence in particular will play a role in this, and reshape the way we think and act in some places. We are already working intensively on these new methods together with our cooperation partners at kenexos (www.kenexos.com). But above all, any model is only as good as the data it receives. Therefore, a central asset & device management is the prerequisite to actively use the developments of the future.