Individual instant analysis


In addition to the fast, simple and complete collection of your performance & health data, the evaluation, interpretation and comprehensible preparation of the results is crucial for success. Datico offers you a range of functions precisely for this purpose.


For example, you can create evaluation sets in which you can quickly and easily define your own evaluation specifications for any target groups and parameters. As a result, a finished analysis with the corresponding report is immediately available to you after you have carried out your tests and examinations and selected the respective evaluation set. Nothing could be faster or easier for an individual evaluation.


In addition, you can define so-called idols in Datico - making your analysis even more understandable and attractive. On the one hand, an idol can refer to a well-known athlete or personality, or it can be based on reference data (e.g. average of a team, average of the population, etc.). By selecting a person and the corresponding idol, you can thus quickly and easily evaluate even complex result lists and make strengths as well as potentials transparent. Of course, here too with the corresponding instant report.


And if you ever want to compare the parameters and results of several clients, athletes or test persons, Datico offers you a quick and easy-to-understand tool here as well - again, of course, with the corresponding report.