Networking your systems


One of the great strengths of the Datico platform is the direct connection of your existing diagnostics and monitoring systems. Due to the large number of system partnerships with different manufacturers and the optimal integration for the respective system, data that has been measured once is automatically transferred and is available to you in your Unified Performance Workplace at any time. See here an overview of Datico's already compatible system partners.


And thanks to the open and user-friendly API, you can also connect a wide variety of devices, systems and data sources to your central database yourself if required - either independently or together with us. This way, you can ensure that all existing systems play all digitally available data directly into your central system.


In addition, Datico offers you the possibility of centrally controlling and coordinating larger test batteries with any number of customers / athletes / test persons with the help of the order entry functionality. This means that all doors are open to you when it comes to networking your system landscape and optimizing your processes.