Simple Team-Management


Especially for the work in interdisciplinary teams it is often important to know who works with and cares for a client / test person / athlete. Different trainers, performance diagnosticians, therapists, doctors, coaches and, in the case of young athletes, of course also the parents and guardians. The exchange between the different people involved and within the teams is often crucial for success. And of course, it is often important to share and analyze not only contact information, but also data and results.


Datico offers you a number of features for quick and easy team management. Besides the user management, which leaves nothing to be desired due to the completely customizable roles & rights management, this is especially the contact & partner management. Here you can quickly and easily record all responsible and accountable supervisors, assign them to several athletes or entire teams and, if required, also give individual user accounts with the right to record or analyze data. This allows you to work easily and optimally together as a team - and thus achieve the best results.