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The foundation for your SPORT & PERFORMANCE platform

"The Datico SPORT HUB is the foundation and technological basis for your own future-proof SPORT & PERFORMANCE platform.

With the functions of the SPORT HUB you develop your own platform. But most importantly, you're building your own digital ecosystem - and shaping your future in the process."

The foundation of your platform at a glance

The Datico SPORT HUB supports all common interface standards (GDT, HL7, FHIR, DICOM, THEDEX, etc.), numerous API connections and various specific interfaces that we have developed in cooperation with our system partners. You can find an excerpt of the systems and manufacturers that are compatible with the SPORT HUB in the overview of compatible systems.

There will be many parameters exchanged between your systems and the SPORT HUB over time. And there are always new, additional systems you’ll want to incorporate into your platform.

The connection of your systems and the central mapping of your parameters must be fast, simple and at the same time clear. That’s why your SPORT HUB has SMART MAPPING: a flexible solution for connecting your monitoring & diagnostics systems – so you can get started promptly.

ORDER-ENTRY means that you can send so-called “ORDERS” in the SPORT HUB for one or more athletes and for individual tests or predefined test batteries. These orders (ORDERS) are passed on to your systems, executed there and after completion the finished results and evaluations are returned to the SPORT HUB (ENTRY).

This way, everyone knows what to do at any given moment. And the entire data exchange between your various systems and your SPORT HUB works fully automatically.

If you test a large number of athletes – or entire teams – on multiple systems and stations at the same time, it quickly becomes confusing. Then the EVENT MONITOR will help you.

The EVENT MONITOR gives everyone in the team the overview they need. The color scheme allows you to see at a glance what is finished (green), in progress (yellow) or not yet started (red). What’s more, you can customize the view to suit your needs in seconds: Want to see what’s going on at a particular test station? Want to see how far a particular athlete is? You want to have a quick look at the first results of individual tests? That’s what you have your EVENT MONITOR for.

Know what’s going on – and keep track of it all.

Datico LIVE provides you with a solution for your individual optimal overview. Whether on the go on your cell phone or on the big screen at your headquarters – that’s up to you.

So you know what’s happening at all times – and can make transparent and better decisions as a result.

Good reports play a big role in our everyday lives. Because in many places they are the result of your work – and thus documented success.

That is why individually optimized – smart – reports are almost always the first important step to success in our projects.

To do this, your reports must be tailored to the relevant target group and show the relevant information as clearly, understandably and unambiguously as possible. And they should look good, of course.

With the SMART REPORTS of your Sport Hub you have direct access to all parameters, data and results of your athletes. You can create reports in your individual layout and adapt them to your needs at any time. And not in a complicated report editor that only the developer can use – but in Microsoft Word. Yes, you can – if you do it well.

Your own anamnesis sheet, an individual questionnaire for your athletes, quick entry of a very special test or a short feedback from your trainers, coaches, scientists or doctors. There is always a need for individual input masks, forms and questionnaires tailored to your needs.

We have developed SMART FORMS for this purpose. This means that not only can we implement your requirements and wishes very quickly – you yourself are also able to design the optimal input masks for you and your team quickly and easily.

The Datico SPORT HUB offers you a wide range of functions for displaying, evaluating and analyzing your data in daily use.

At the same time, there are often very specific requirements in larger organizations or for scientific work. Be it the connection to a central ERP / CRM or management system (SAP, Microsoft, etc.) or the access of specific evaluation programs such as SPSS, R, Matlab or Excel. Via the open and very well documented SMART API of your SPORT HUB you can access the data of your SPORT HUB from these applications.

The big advantage: Your roles & rights concept remains intact. This means that even when accessing from another program, each user sees and receives only the data for which they are authorized. So you can work securely and DSGVO-compliant from these applications as well.

To make your data and results understandable and actionable for all athletes, coaches and team members, Datico provides you with several tools.

This gives you the option of selecting the values that are crucial for your processes and applications and defining them as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to display them automatically and meaningfully in evaluations, dashboards and reports. And with the Datico INDEX CALCULATOR, the REFERENCE SET and the IDOL, tools are available to you that enable semi- or fully automated processes for the individual evaluation and analysis of your data.

Password query, X-factor authorization or more: you decide.

The various options and levels of authorization – up to and including biometric methods such as palm vein recognition – allow you to make access to your Datico database as secure as your requirements demand.

The central collection and clear presentation of your parameters and results is the end – the comprehensible evaluation is the other.

With the REFERENCE SETS you have the possibility to evaluate your data according to your specifications.

In doing so, you decide for whom your REFERENCE SET should apply, which parameters are evaluated and what the evaluation looks like in concrete terms. From the simple traffic light (red-yellow-green), up to complex representations with an optimum – everything is possible.

The Datico INDEX helps you to communicate your results in a comprehensible way within the team and to implement them successfully.

Especially with complex performance diagnostics, you have clear, measurable results at your disposal. That’s good. But coaches, athletes and support staff often find it difficult to understand the numbers and implement them successfully. They think in other categories: Endurance, strength, speed, technique, overall fitness.

That’s what the index is for. With it, you take the results of your tests, evaluate and weight them according to the objective, and give your team – especially coaches, athletes, and your management – results they understand.

This way, your team can integrate the results into your daily work, the correlations become gradually clearer and the results better for everyone involved.

A different kind of reference value comparison: the IDOL.

Your idol can be anything: The average of your team, reference values from a study, the most important opponent or Lionel Messi.

Idols make your data understandable, attractive and the goals clearer.

Each athlete, coach and staff member should only see the data for which he or she is authorized. That’s why you need a customizable roles & rights system for the successful implementation of your athlete management: Datico ROLES & RIGHTS.

Datico offers you with ROLES & RIGHTS on the one hand, a functional role and rights system. This allows you to turn on or off every function in Datico individually for each role without exception. For example, you can define who can create, edit or delete athletes, tests or evaluation logics. The highlight: This really works in the SPORT HUB for EVERY function without exception – without compromise.

Since there are always cases when recording and analyzing your athletes where a functional restriction is not sufficient, your SPORT HUB also offers you the possibility to assign attribute-based rights. Here you can assign a specific attribute (e.g. public / confidential / strictly confidential) to each object / data record and then use this when assigning your permissions. Thus, no wish remains unanswered with regard to the assignment of rights.

And these access rights work not only within Datico, but also when accessing from other applications (EXCEL, PowerBI, SAP, etc.).

Of course, you must comply with the regulations and transfer and store the data of your athletes and coaches securely, in compliance with the law and the standards. Therefore, you have your own and exclusive database in which only your data is stored. And your data is transferred exclusively with secured protocols.

The data types & structures in your platform can be very different: Discrete values as results of a test, time series with very many detailed values to map the course of a test, training or competition, photos, videos, reports, contract documents – up to very high data volumes from several high-resolution cameras from a video analysis.

There are different databases – and not every one is equally suitable for every data type. A database that is not suitable for your data type can cause many problems, especially in the long term. Far too high costs are usually the first problem to be identified.

Therefore, the SPORT HUB uses different databases and data stores for different types of data. This preserves performance, saves costs, makes your platform considerably faster and, above all, is future-proof.

Intelligent Algorithms, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. New technologies accompany us in everyday life – even in competitive sports.

These new technologies learn from existing data. This means that 2 things are crucial for success: the quality of your data and your data model (the domain model).

With the SPORT HUB, a central and AI-capable data model is automatically at your disposal. You don’t see that right away, but it’s crucial. And if you are interested: We will be happy to explain it to you.

Do you have your own ideas and questions for which you would like to use AI, machine learning, data sciences or IoT technologies?

In AI projects, it is critical that “the lid fits on the pot.” In addition to the AI-enabled domain model and the quality of the data, the chosen AI solution must therefore fit your task for later success.

Based on the Microsoft AI platform, we work with you to develop your own future-proof solution. Feel free to contact us.

We put a lot of thought into the development of the SPORT HUB over many years.

Thoughts on technology. We are convinced that we have solved very important details very well. Especially some that you don’t recognize right away, but only when you work with it for a longer time: The data model. The infrastructure of the databases. The modular Docker concept. The open construction of the API. These are good and sustainable solutions and technologies. Which we have never seen before in this industry. Yes, we are proud of that.

We also put some thought into collecting, processing and analyzing the data. The concrete implementation in practice. We have also learned a lot from our customers and projects here. We learned one thing above all: don’t make everything generic. What all competitors are trying to do: The ready-made platform that can do everything. For any sport. For every user. By a little customizing in the settings menu. We do not believe in it. We build the best technological base you can build: The SPORT HUB.

And then we come to you. We look at your infrastructure and your existing systems. We listen to what you are doing, where the shoe pinches and what you are planning. Together we will see which solution suits you and your personnel and financial possibilities. And then we build that solution – just the way you need it. You stay in the standard, you stay future-proof, you stay compatible – and it will be as you need it.

Yes, that works today. Because we develop software very differently than we did 10 or 20 years ago. Because a specific platform like the SPORT HUB offers you completely different possibilities.

This is how we build your SPORT PERFORMANCE platform together with you on the basis of the SPORT HUB. Because only through you it becomes really good.


In our consultations, we rely on personal contact.
This is how successful cooperation is created.