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Success comes from collaboration.


You can become System Partner (Interface Partner) and connect your systems to the LIFE HUB. This opens up many new opportunities for you – from working together on joint projects to building your own app, platform and AI solutions.

And if you are an expert and would like to accompany customers and partners on the way to your own digital health & performance platform, many doors to a new future are open to you as a Datico Affiliate Partner.

For System Builders & Startups

Interface Partner | System Partner

As a start-up, hardware or software manufacturer, it is first important to connect your systems technically to Datico and thus enable bidirectional data exchange. This is possible either via common standard interfaces such as GDT, HL7, Bluetooth, FHIR, DICOM, ANT+ , via the Datico API or via an individually tailored interface. 

By meeting appropriate standards, become compatible to Datico and can be added to the list of compatible manufacturers & systems as INTERFACE PARTNER.

Certified Interface Partner: SYSTEMPARTNER
Another option is to connect your systems and solutions via the Datico API. This ultimately makes all of Datico’s capabilities available to you directly in your application. This opens up much more versatile and better technical solutions for you and us – and thus better customer solutions. 

We thereby combine your specific knowledge and know-how with the possibilities of a ki-enabled, scalable and cloud-capable platform solution. This very good integration results in customer solutions that can only be created through partnership.

As a CERTIFIED INTERFACE PARTNER we also list you on our website and point out this existing partnership to our customers. 

For experts & recommenders

Affiliate Partner

Are you an expert in competitive sports, sports medicine, sports science, health management, rehabilitation or for conducting scientific studies?

Would you like to accompany your customers and partners on their way into the future? Accompany you in networking, digitization and building new solutions?

Datico could be a valuable part of this journey for your partners and customers? Then become a Datico AFFILIATE PARTNER.

During this program we will give you an intensive insight into Datico and the different possibilities.

We give you the knowledge you need to help your customers and partners. Of course, at any time and gladly together with us.

As an AFFILIATE PARTNER, you have a direct line to the various Datico experts.

Then we look forward to a personal conversation with you.