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Health & Performance Management im

Spitzensport erfordert Spitzentechnologie. Das gilt gerade im Zeitalter von KI-Lösungen. Bauen Sie Ihr eigenes Health & Performance Information System.

Health & Performance Management in

In modernen Profiteams ist die interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit heute Standard. Der zentrale Austausch von Daten und Informationen ist dabei entscheidend - auch für entstehende KI-Lösungen.

Health & Performance Management in
Therapie & Rehabilitation

Ob Return to Sports oder qualitätsgestützte, digitale Rehabilitation - Feedback, Dokumentation und Erfolgsnachweis auf einer Plattform.

Militär | Polizei | Feuerwehr

Einsatzkräfte sind körperlich und mental besonders gefordert. Das Health- & Performance-Management wird daher gerade für sie immer wichtiger.

Health & Performance Management in
Wissenschaft & Forschung

Universitäten, Forschungseinrichtungen und CTOs setzen für physiologische Studien und Projekte zunehmend auf den LIFE HUB - aus guten Gründen.

Health & Performance Management in
Präventiv- & Sportmedizin

Health-Checkups in der Praxis oder vor Ort - kombiniert mit kontinuierlichem Monitoring und Feedback: Gute Präventiv- & Sportmedizin setzt heute gutes Datenmanagement voraus.

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The Datico LIFE HUB

Your Health & Performance Management System

All data in one central location – secure and AI-enabled.
An overview of the functions and modules of the LIFE HUB:

Performance Management

Central administration and documentation of all performance-relevant data and documentation of the support history

  • Master data
  • Performance diagnostics & tests
  • Training sessions
  • Competition results
  • Monitoring data & daily feedback
  • Findings & Diagnoses
  • Contracts
  • Videos

Health Management

Central administration and documentation of all medical data and documentation of care history in separate area

  • Diagnoses
  • Findings
  • X-ray images
  • Video recording
  • medical data

Safety concept

Role and rights concept with different access levels for secure and legally compliant data management:

  • Create unlimited number of roles
  • Functional access management
  • Attribute-based access management
  • Combination of access levels

Event management

Coordination of all activities of the athletes: Creation and recording of all performance-relevant parameters, among others:

  • Training sessions
  • Performance tests
  • Competitions / Games
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Recovery/sleep phases

File Management

Centralized management, protected by the security concept, of files that are additional to the self-collected data:

  • Contracts
  • Test results
  • Correspondence
  • Result of the sports fitness examination
  • Consent to data protection

Video Management

Videos are becoming increasingly important in sports, diagnostics and therapy. No matter where and what resolution raised, the LIFE HUB allows, among other things:

  • Quickly and easily associate a video with a person.
  • Direct acquisition of the relevant parameters
  • Immediate and direct availability of the video for all stakeholders
  • Secure access through the individual rights system

Attribute Management

Full flexibility in sport-specific data collection: Create and define attributes for optimal definition and evaluation of activities:

  • Own, individual fields for description of athletes, parameters, events, reference values etc.
  • Develop own sorting & evaluation criteria
  • Definition of special access rights through attributes

Parameter management

Parameters are the basis of your system. In the LIFE HUB a lot of parameters are already predefined The parameter management enables beyond that:

  • Creation and management of own, individual parameters
  • Linking the parameters with attributes
  • Design sorting and evaluation criteria and rules

Secure hosting

The LIFE HUB is hosted on German servers with state-of-the-art security technologies so that all legal requirements are met. The cloud-based hosting furthermore includes:

  • Sufficient memory for athlete and test data
  • Regular technological maintenance
  • Regular updating of legal/scientific standards
  • Fast and qualified support


With these modules, the Health and Performance Information System (HPIS) can be perfectly tailored to individual requirements:


LIVE CONTROL enables networking, time-synchronous recording and control of various test and training systems.

Load and measurement parameters, even from complex applications, can thus be tracked centrally in real time and are immediately available for evaluation.


The DEVICE CONNECTOR allows direct connection of various diagnostic and monitoring systems for automated, digital transmission of all data.


ORDER-ENTRY, also known from medicine as the “waiting room function”, enables efficient and clear processes for high numbers of subjects & examinations.

  • Assignment of subjects/teams to different tests, examinations or entire test batteries
  • Automated assignment of orders to the test systems
  • Automated retransmission of results
  • Constant overview of the progress of the tests


For standardized or automated evaluation of the generated data: fast, reproducible, safe. Contains the following tools, among others:

  • IDOLE: Comparison of individual values with target values (spider diagram)
  • REFERENCE-SETS: free evaluation of various parameters (grades, traffic lights, points, etc.)
  • INDIZES: For weighted summary and evaluation of individual results for “insight at a glance”.


For the effective management of entire teams and squads. Team Assessment enables the rapid acquisition of various parameters for many subjects:

  • Creation of data entry masks for subjects and parameters
  • Digitizing questionnaires and forms
  • Immediate availability in the central system
  • Automated evaluation


Your HPIS is an open system. A standardized API enables easy and secure exchange with other devices and systems:

  • Data analysis in a scientific environment with e.g. Matlab, R, SPSS or Excel
  • Data transfer to business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, QLIK, Active Reports, etc.
  • Connectivity to higher-level systems or management software such as SAP, Microsoft, physician or hospital information systems, etc.


Targeted, out-of-the-box reports for transparent, data-driven decisions and more efficient processes

  • High availability of common standard reports
  • Easily and quickly customizable report templates
  • Optional: Setup of specific reports and templates


Application for optimal networking of athletes/proband, caregivers, scientists and physicians:

  • Daily feedback: daily monitoring e.g. about condition, sleep quality etc. directly by the test person
  • Training documentation: continuous documentation of training sessions (duration, intensity, other parameters)
  • Immediate exchange of test and competition results, training plans and evaluations
  • Direct communication between supervisor and test person.
  • Optional: Customization/development of a customer’s own app (see “Professional Services”).


Contactless log-in with automatic registration on devices/systems Tags (NFC, RFID) allow secure and highly efficient processes in data collection

  • Identification of athletes, test persons and caregivers
  • Identification training devices and systems
  • Automatic detection of activities and events
  • Check-in/log-in via smartphone, smart cards, tags, simple stickers, etc.


We would be happy to support you with our services in the introduction, optimization and customized expansion of your Health & Performance Information System:


Whether it’s developing your digital strategy, implementing new technologies, or rolling out your health & performance management, success comes from collaboration.

Our experts will be happy to come to you to work with you and your team in joint workshops to develop the best solution for your organization.


Perfect data deserves an excellent presentation! High-quality content often only unfolds its effect in conjunction with a great user experience.

You want your own app? With individual functions and your branding?

We would be happy to develop your very own individual app based on the LIFE HUB.


Reporting is a very individual topic. Especially when it comes to “Human Performance Management”, individualized reports for which there are no standard templates are essential.

We will be happy to develop the report solutions that are exactly right for you and together with you.


Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence: At the latest since Chat GBT, it is clear that AI solutions will soon drastically change many areas of life – also in sports, health management, injury management and the optimal individual dosage of stress and recovery.

There are already many algorithms and AI solutions for this – both good and not so good. With the right questions and optimally prepared data, we are happy to support you in setting up the best solution for you.


In many cases, numerous diagnostic, monitoring and training systems must be connected for a fully networked system.

This requires not only the creation of the technological prerequisites (LIVE CONTROL, DEVICE CONNECTOR, activation of the data-supplying systems) but also the networking of the systems on site.

We are happy to support you in coordinating your suppliers and your IT team – until even the last interface is implemented in the best possible variant.


In numerous places, data is collected manually. And it will stay that way.

The LIFE HUB offers you numerous options for customizing your forms and questionnaires – from medical history forms and privacy statements to daily or regular surveys of athletes, clients and caregivers.

If you have additional wishes and need an individual form that is completely adapted to your processes, we can also implement this as a service for you.


Digitization is also and above all a question of strategy.

What do I want to achieve in the long term? Who do I involve in the project? What technologies and platforms do I use?

We support you with our expertise and experience in developing your own digital strategy.


All beginnings are difficult. When it comes to digitization, the crucial knowledge needed to set up and plan the project correctly is often lacking.

We are happy to support you with our expertise and experience to set up your digitization project optimally with your resources and capabilities and to steer it in the best possible direction right from the start.

And if required, we will also actively support you in the team during implementation.


New technologies, apps and your platform also create new opportunities and scalable business models.

We will be happy to present the various options for process optimization as well as the introduction of new business models for successful monetization.

This is how digitization becomes a model of success for you.

Get started now with your own Health & Performance Information System!