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Datico LIVE CONTROL allows you to network, time-synchronously record and control different compatible manufacturers – with versatile possibilities.


Time-synchronous display, recording and control of systems from different manufacturers.

LIVE CONTROL allows you to

  • the NETWORKING of a wide variety of devices, systems and sensors
  • the time-synchronous LIVE-DISPLAY of all measured parameters on one surface
  • the time-synchronous STORAGE of all measured parameters and results
  • the additional MANUAL RECORDING of parameters (e.g. subjective stress perception)
  • the LIVE CONTROL of different systems (e.g. training equipment, height room, etc.)

In daily practice, there are numerous cases where different systems, training devices and sensors are used together – in the office, in the laboratory or during training. There is often a need to see the values of the different systems together on one screen – time-synchronized. And of course, you also want to document these values, i.e.: record, store and evaluate them in a time-synchronized manner – without time-consuming work routines.

And in some use cases, it makes sense to control different devices from LIVE CONTROL – because this control of the load only becomes possible with the overall view created in LIVE CONTROL.

Practical example of altitude training:

LIVE CONTROL application example
8 athletes train on different training equipment in 2 different altitude chambers. LIVE CONTROL records the data from the altitude chambers, the treadmills and ergometers, the heart rate & SpO2 sensors derives further parameters from them if required (in this example the “calculated altitude” in space). In addition, the subjective stress perception of the athletes (BORG scale) is regularly queried and recorded at the time of the query. All parameters are displayed live and recorded synchronized in time. In addition, LIVE CONTROL enables direct control of the altitude chamber, treadmills and ergometers from the central workstation.

Compatible manufacturers & systems

LIFE HUB and LIFE CONTROL are already compatible with numerous manufacturers, devices, systems, databases and software solutions through worldwide cooperation, integration of various interface standards and customized interfaces with our Datico system partners. Below you will find an excerpt of the currently compatible manufacturers:

This is an excerpt from the list of compatible manufacturers. If you miss your system, please feel free to contact us.

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