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Datico System Partner

There is a whole range of manufacturers and systems that are compatible with your platform through a wide variety of interfaces and standards. You can find an overview in the list of compatible systems.

Datico system partners are of course also compatible with Datico and able to exchange data, results and reports. Furthermore, the corresponding interfaces are specifically adapted. We are in close contact with our system partners. This also allows very specific solutions and adaptations to individual customer requirements and your very own processes.

Kempten | Germany

Hardware & software solutions for motion and posture analysis.

Info about systems & solutions:

CORTEX Biophysik GmbH
Leipzig | Germany

System solutions for spiroergometry, cardiopulmonary diagnostics and metabolic analysis.

Info about systems and solutions

Rome | Italy

System solutions for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, metabolic analysis and body composition analysis.

Info about systems & solutions:

h/p/cosmos Sports & Medical GmbH
Nussdorf | Germany

Treadmill systems, ergometers, therapy & diagnostic solutions.

Info about systems & solutions:

GlobalSpeed GmbH
Hemsbach | Germany

Speedlab system solutions for competitive sports, rehabilitation & research

Info about systems and solutions

Höhenbalance GmbH
St. Johann | Austria

System solutions for cellular, metabolic & altitude training

Info about systems and solutions

Burgkirchen / Austria

Health & Sports
Aviation & Defense

Info about systems & solutions:

Prophysics AG
Kloten / Switzerland

Motion analysis solutions and 3D motion capture systems.

Info about systems & solutions:

Movement Concepts
GmbH & Co KG

Schweinfurt / Germany

Skillcourt: Diagnostic and training system for improving cognitive and coordination skills.

Info about systems & solutions:

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