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The DEVICE CONNECTOR enables direct connection of your diagnostic and monitoring systems for automated, digital transmission of all data – for digital and automated processes.


Digital connection of your diagnostics & monitoring systems – for optimal data exchange and automated processes.

The DEVICE CONNECTOR allows you to

  • the NETWORKING of your diagnostic and monitoring systems
  • the direct digital transfer of parameters from your measuring systems to your central HPIS
  • direct transfer of pdf-findings, images, videos and reports from your measuring systems devices into your central HPIS
  • the use of ORDER-ENTRY with waiting room functions

The digital laboratory, networked with all monitoring systems and wearables and brought together on a central platform: For a long time a dream of many researchers, sports & training scientists, performance diagnosticians, coaches, therapists and data experts.

The DEVICE CONNECTOR makes exactly that possible. Even with devices where you do not expect this.

Compatible manufacturers & systems

LIFE HUB and LIFE CONTROL are already compatible with numerous manufacturers, devices, systems, databases and software solutions through worldwide cooperation, integration of various interface standards and customized interfaces with our Datico system partners. Below you will find an excerpt of the currently compatible manufacturers:

This is an excerpt from the list of compatible manufacturers. If you miss your system, please feel free to contact us.

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