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Live webinar

How to make your systems cloud, app & AI ready

Thursday | 17.08.2023 | 15:00

The webinar is free of charge with limited attendance.
Feel free to sign up. We look forward to the exchange.

For manufacturers of diagnostic systems, training devices and monitoring solutions.

IoT and smarthome solutions are now standard. And for providers entering the market today, a cloud connection with corresponding native apps is now a necessary prerequisite for market entry.

Manufacturers and distributors of diagnostic systems and training devices, which are also used in medicine, sometimes find it difficult to deal with these issues. Lack of capacity, lack of staff and experience with cloud platforms and other priorities often mean that technically very impressive and highly specialized systems do not offer modern solutions for data management.

Create these opportunities with the Datico LIFE HUB. This creates completely new solutions and opportunities – for you and for your customers.


Interface standards: Which is the right one?
DICOM, HL7, GDT, FHIR, THEDEX, API or proprietary interface – what suits me and my systems?

Connectivity of your systems to the Datico LIFE HUB: How does it work?
What you can do to become multi-compatible? How does Datico support me in this?

The whole world is open to you
The Datico LIFE HUB creates many new technological opportunities for you and your customers:

  • Your systems are cloud and app enabled
  • They are compatible with all interface standards via Datico
  • You and every customer can access the results of your systems live and worldwide
  • With Datico LIVE CONTROL you can network your systems with many other solutions in a time-synchronized way and collect the common data in a time-synchronized way.
  • Your data and results feed into the latest AI and ML solutions

New opportunities for your business
The LIFE HUB also enables you to create fundamentally new business models:

  • New service-based subscription models
  • data-based services
  • Completely integrated overall concepts
  • Own app & cloud solutions