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Centrally networked | Cloud technology | AI-ready

The platform for your Performance Center

Today, performance centers and Olympic training centers collect an enormous amount of data for their athletes. Excel – actually a spreadsheet tool – is still widely used today. Sometimes daily – often for hours. This not only wastes valuable human resources and puts data protection regulations to the test. Most importantly, valuable information for successful athlete management is lost.

Only by bringing together all relevant athlete and performance data from the areas of competition, training, diagnostics, medicine, sports therapy and monitoring in a timely and comprehensive manner is it possible to obtain a meaningful overall view of the athlete and thus optimal performance management.

For this purpose, we have developed the Datico LIFE HUB for performance centers – the modular, cloud-based platform for your own health and performance information system.

This allows you to record the data and measurement results of your athletes where they are generated: in the laboratory, in the field or in the hall. And with automated interfaces to your diagnostics & monitoring systems, you play the results and evaluations directly into your central database.

With digitized questionnaires and forms tailored precisely to your requirements, you can optimize your manual data entry. You integrate already existing data and databases (“legacy data”) through import tools and an open and flexible API connection.

Automated, meaningful reports generated according to your criteria show strengths, potentials, trends, developments and possible injury risks quickly, easily and comprehensibly. They have a real-time, data-driven basis for decision-making that athletes, coaches and trainers can immediately understand and directly implement.

Extensive tools such as reference sets, spider diagrams and index systems enable perfect individual and team management – also in the squad and junior areas.

A role & rights system that is secure down to the last detail ensures that everyone has exactly the access that is important for their area of decision-making. And to ensure that legal requirements are met even when accessed by multiple users and other applications such as SPSS, MATLAB, R or Excel.

Start now to take advantage of the opportunities that cloud-based technologies, smart algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence are already giving you today.

Live Webinar | Thursday | 25.05.2023 | 15:00

Your own Health & Performance Management System

For all users of the Datico LIFE HUB.

In this LIVE workshop we will introduce you to the different functions & modules of the LIFE HUB.

We will show you how to set them up optimally and securely for your own health & performance management system.

Get started now with your own Health & Performance Information System!