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Test batteries, performance diagnostics & health checkups: Structured for success
Webinar | Tuesday | 18.10.2022 | 14:00

  • Design test batteries & checkups efficiently
    Automated data collection and structured processes with ORDER-ENTRY and the EVENT-MONITOR.

  • Data acquisition via app: With questionnaires to a complete system
    Use apps sensibly and purposefully: Daily Form, Regman, Load Management with RPE, Sleep & Regeneration Management – or your medical history sheet with privacy consent.

  • The basis: Central networking of your systems
    through modern standards & individually optimized solutions
    (API, GDT, HL7, DICOM, THEDEX and Co. | Datico System Partner)

  • You know what you need – and with your forms it will be something
    Not everything is digital – that’s why your data input must be individually optimal.

  • Optimize, standardize and automate evaluation
    With reference sets, idols and indices for individually optimized evaluation – standardized or even completely automated.

  • Smart Reporting
    Replace Excel and Word step by step – through pdf reports or smart apps. Or secure data exchange with the central system (SAP, etc.), BI tool (Power BI, tableau, Qlik), statistics or Analysis program (SPSS, R, Matlab, etc.) of your choice.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    With your central database and your AI-enabled data structure, completely new possibilities are open to you.