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Test Batteries & Healths Checkups: Structured to Success
Webinar | Wednesday | 20.07.2022 | 16:00

  • Central networking through standards: API, GDT, HL7, DICOM, THEDEX and Co.
  • Anamnesis, daily form, Borg & RPE: Not everything is digital
  • Replace Excel and Word step by step
    – the handling of inventory data
  • ORDER-ENTRY: Designing test batteries efficiently
  • Reference Sets, Idols & Comparisons: Smart Reporting
  • pdf report, printout or app: the freestyle.
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI: The future has begun.

Data-supported performance diagnostics
Webinar | Thursday | 21.07.22 | 16:00

  • Central networking of all systems – but how?
  • Training and load at a glance: Wearables, trackers and monitoring systems
  • Athlete feedback via Smart Forms: The new alternative to the good old questionnaire
  • ORDER-ENTRY: Efficient organization of test batteries
  • Indexes and evaluation sets: Prepare information efficiently
  • Reference values – it can also be sexy: The Datico IDOL
  • The value of shared and networked information
  • AI Artificial intelligence – a new player in sports